Sunday, March 20, 2016

Karate & Politics

We returned home yesterday from a week-long spring break vacation. It was a blast, but we're adjusting back to the 'real world' and coming to terms with having to go back to school/work tomorrow. More to come on that soon! For now, here's a little taste of what's been happening in our house lately.
"You have problems" - her official diagnosis after playing doctor with me.
As usual, surrounded by her animals at bedtime. 
I found a fully marked-up American Girl catalog with Kathryn's wants. I told her she can't have another doll, which is why they are all x'ed out and everything else is circled. I especially like how the cash is circled. I'd pick that too.
Kathryn had another karate tournament a few weeks ago and did awesome! She won her first round of sparring. She's really getting there (it's tough for a sweet girl to turn into a vicious girl).
She was amazing during her Freestyle Kata. She practiced leading up to the competition and blew the other kids out of the water. Even better, you can tell she was having a great time!
First place for her Freestyle Kata!! So proud!
The news is on a lot in our house, which seems to have played a part in molding Kathryn's political views. It's interesting how she has absorbed information and believes so strongly in pieces that she's heard. 

I decided to take this video the night after Kathryn asked me if she could vote in this election. When I told her that she wasn't old enough, she broke down crying. I think you'll get a sense of passion after watching this...