Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yellow Belt

It was a pretty ordinary week for us, but it's always good to document the ordinary.
Smiling on a Monday
There was most definitely an extraordinary day this week, the day Kathryn earned her yellow belt! We're so very proud of her.
The piece of wood she broke with her bare feet!
May she never lose her confidence.
This weekend Kathryn went hog hunting (and had a blast) while E. J. and I ran errands in town (not so much of a blast).
Dropping off feed to the horsies.
Sunday morning breakfast.
Helping me make some energy balls. Much needed after a morning of us cleaning her room.
Prepping her class Valentine's.

While sipping on a cappuccino this afternoon, I overheard Kathryn say, "Dad. Can you tell me about Chernobyl?" Gosh, I love her.


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