Sunday, February 21, 2016

Donkey Basketball

I'd was a tad bit jealous that Kathryn and E. J. had last Monday off from school/work in honor of Presidents' Day. To celebrate, they went to see a movie together for a day of fun.
Her first hot dog, which she loved.
Speaking of Presidents' Day, Kathryn brought this home from school.
"The President does important stuff for our country."
On Monday evening, we went to Kathryn's school for a small town school tradition/fundraiser; Donkey Basketball Well, I assume it's a small town school tradition because E. J. talks about how he played his senior year in high school.
Here's the jist: you have two teams (typically teachers versus seniors). If you get the ball you have to get on the donkey and ride it to the basket and try to make a basket. It's pretty funny to watch because in true donkey form, they are stubborn and don't want to move.
Kathryn got a kick out of it, especially when the donkeys used the bathroom on the gym floor. 
I noticed Kathryn started using some new/expensive methods for decorating her room. 
As I was driving home from work on Friday, I got a warning when I turned on our road that I had a low tire. THANKFULLY I was able to make it home. Although the tire wasn't repairable, one new tire later and E. J. was able to get me all set to get to work tomorrow.
Running errands on Saturday....she told us that she came prepared to take a nap. She knows what she's talking about.
A Saturday evening video message to Nana (a little long).
Sunday morning - a good reason to make homemade blueberry muffins.
Sunday morning baseball.
'Take my picture, Mom. I'm the Statue of Liverty' (spelled how she says it).
A few rounds of Candy Land. 
K set up a 'snuggle area' for her and E. J. Rosetta Stone joined in too. 
Kathryn and Zoey.
Fresh and clean!
She has the comfiest bed.
Hugs with Rosetta Stone.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Valentines

I can't believe it's already the end of the weekend. It went by so fast because it was a full and fun!
She picked out her outfit for the Valentine's party at school.
Kathryn got a surprise visit during her party - dad came!
I got a surprise from dad too - two dozen long stemmed roses delivered to my office! :)
On Saturday, Margie, Paul and their kiddos drove up from Houston to visit. We had a full day of bowling, lunch and ice skating. 
Despite not exactly loving ice skating, E. J. got out on the ice (and eventually let himself free of the cone)! 
This morning we celebrated Valentine's Day with a big breakfast. As Kathryn approached the table she was surprised by the little Valentine's treat at the table.
Since last night, I've been feeling a little under the weather. So for the majority of the day we enjoyed some lazy time. Coffee and watching a Parenthood marathon is always a good choice. E. J. and I are a little late to the game with Parenthood, but we're completely hooked!
E. J. made us reservations at the bed and breakfast that isn't too far from us. It's the third year in a row that we've eaten there on Valentine's Day, so it's a bit of a tradition.

While at the dinner table, Kathryn announced "if you find that you don't have enough money to pay for're in luck! I brought some." She whipped out her purse and showed us a few coins that she packed just in case :).
 Kathryn saw a woman come in with a short black sleeveless dress, she quietly commented to us, "Oh boy. Too much skin."
Unfortunately I don't have President's Day off tomorrow like Kathryn and E. J., (Kathryn tells me that tomorrow is Obama's birthday) so I'm calling it a night. Whatever I have has me feeling really drained because a 9 p.m. bed time sounds amazing.

I leave you with a story from today. For some reason, E. J. brought up 'Kathmandu'. Kathryn heard him say that, walked up to E. J. and said, "Oh, that's in Nepal." E. J. was shocked and I was even more shocked since there's no way that I would have ever guessed that. She tells us that she heard it on the television show. I don't know what she's watching but whatever it is, I need to start watching it too.

Happy Valentine's day!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Yellow Belt

It was a pretty ordinary week for us, but it's always good to document the ordinary.
Smiling on a Monday
There was most definitely an extraordinary day this week, the day Kathryn earned her yellow belt! We're so very proud of her.
The piece of wood she broke with her bare feet!
May she never lose her confidence.
This weekend Kathryn went hog hunting (and had a blast) while E. J. and I ran errands in town (not so much of a blast).
Dropping off feed to the horsies.
Sunday morning breakfast.
Helping me make some energy balls. Much needed after a morning of us cleaning her room.
Prepping her class Valentine's.

While sipping on a cappuccino this afternoon, I overheard Kathryn say, "Dad. Can you tell me about Chernobyl?" Gosh, I love her.