Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas Break

Happy New Year! In a blink of an eye it's already 2016 and we're ready for a great year ahead. Leading up to Christmas things were super fast-paced, but thankfully slowed down soon after. On Christmas Eve Eve, E. J. took Kathryn to Six Flags to visit with Santa and enjoy the Christmas-themed events while I went grocery shopping and cleaned. I wonder who had more fun?
She desperately wants it to snow at the house, so this was a welcomed activity. 
In the category of over-the-top Christmas gifts, Kathryn got a UTV from E. J.'s mom! Utter shock best describes Kathryn's reaction. She calls it her 'car' and just like a car, she's not quite ready to drive it on her own. But in the first two days of test driving, she made great improvements.

Although the video is a bit long, this is Kathryn on her second day of driving.
On Christmas Even we celebrated with our traditional activities, including preparing Santa and the reindeer's treats.
Matching Christmas jammies!
The Night Before Christmas
Santa came!
Traditional Christmas morning breakfast.
Putting the Christmas gifts to good use.
Magna-tiles are a hit for this little builder!
She took me for a drive in her 'car'. Notice the short sleeves - way too warm for Christmas day.
Kathryn got a baseball bat and wiffle ball for Christmas. She immediately picked up on baseball and then revealed her opinion about Michael Jordon.
Back to playing with Christmas gifts. This time, I got my hair done ;).
Christmas vacation got even better when we picked up Nana and PopPop from the airport the day after Christmas!
First stop before we went home: a little girl's favorite store!
When Nana comes, the fun starts.
It would be impossible to count how many games of Candy Land was played.
In true PopPop style, he tackled a few projects. Painting Kathryn's room was a big one!
Giving it a try! Room reveal to come soon.
Tea party with Nana.
Working on building her jewelry box.
We took a girls day trip to Waco to check out Magnolia Market since Nana is a super fan of the show, Fixer Upper. It was a fun little trip!
First stop: the food trucks in the cute 'backyard' of the shop. Kathryn approved of the pizza and the crepes.
Back to work! Kathryn started using her toolkit that she picked out at Magnolia Market.
A big gift from Nana and PopPop was a new bike! We took K up to her school a few times to take it for a test drive. Besides a few falls, she did well and really enjoyed it!
To celebrate the New Year, we went out for a tasty dinner!
Discussing art together.
New Years Even in our cozy clothes (needed after a big yummy dinner!). 
Cheers to 2016!
Big New Years breakfast!
Doggy Bingo!
The dreaded day: Nana and PopPop head back home.
After we dropped Nana and PopPop at the airport, we stopped for donuts and a movie. It definitely wasn't the same without them once we got back to the house.

The first week of the new year was tough getting back into the routine. I got sick and I'm finally feeling a little better, but the Christmas decorations are still up, the house is messy and we would all rather lay around and pretend we're on break again. But alas, reality awaits. We're ready for a fabulous 2016!


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