Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bastrop State Park

Last weekend we took the travel trailer for its maiden voyage; Bastrop State Park. This is the same place that was devastated by a terrible fire in 2011 (outside of Austin). It's a less than two hour drive from our house, but at the time of the fires we could actually see smoke from the fire at our house.
Ready to hit the road!
Setting up camp. Although really pretty in places, the charred trees were as far as the eye could see.
We meet up with E. J.'s college friend, Josh, and his wife, Sarah, and their son Brayden. They also have a travel trailer and even better, Brayden and Kathryn are the same age and began fast friends.
Kathryn covering her ears to avoid hearing the scary stories by the camp fire. When it was her turn, she told a very elaborate story about hearing creepy sounds in a house and then a knock at the door..."But it was just the FedEx guy." 
The top bunk is the place to be!
When Josh and Sarah headed home, we ventured out for a four-mile hike!
We made it to the top!
It was the perfect day for a hike!
She asked for a picture and struck an instant pose.
Although a sad image, I love this one that I snapped.
We even gave geocaching a try!
The park had so much to offer, including a fun playground.
There are really neat buildings throughout the park built by the Civilian Conversation Corps in the 1930/40s.
We took a drive around the park, which lead to Buescher State Park.
Pine trees that were not affected by the fire.
Collecting firewood.
The 'master bedroom'
Dog Bingo with cookies right out of the oven.
Breakfast time!
Kathryn taking her oath as a Junior Park Ranger after completing level one in the Texas Parks and Wildlife workbook. "It's my dream come true." -Kathryn
Packing up the trailer to head home.

The long-weekend trip was a blast and we're all looking forward to our next family adventure!


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