Monday, December 14, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving this year was laid back and wonderful! Now the countdown is on to Christmas vacation.
Last day of school before Thanksgiving break!
This is the only picture I managed to get on Thanksgiving. We slept in, ate breakfast, watched the Macy's Day Parade, napped, took a walk and had Thanksgiving dinner at E. J.'s mom's house.
Mid-afternoon and still in our pj's!
The day after Thanksgiving, K and I took a special girl's trip to Houston to see the opening show of the Nutcracker by the Houston Ballet.
Al fresco dining pre-show.
We couldn't get enough of this delicious bread dipped in sauce. I think both of us could have made a meal out of it!
Pizza is always a good choice, especially pizza-in-your-mouth-smiles.
Ready to see the show!
I'm a sucker and let her get the nutcracker that she fell in love with.
Checking out the orchestra during intermission and putting her to the test to name the instruments :).

We loved the show!
The rest of our weekend was pretty low-key, which also included s'mores. Plus, the fact that it was cold enough for a fire was an extra special treat!
On Sunday, Kathryn whipped out her chemistry kit and went to town with science experiments. 
I think this video encompasses Kathryn's personality. In true form, she doesn't stop talking/wants to explain everything (hence a 13 minute explanation) and finds ways to surprise me, make me laugh and just be all around adult-like :).


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