Tuesday, December 22, 2015


After 18 recent posts, I'm finally caught up on the end of our Spring, Summer and Fall. Despite it being the end of December, I feel like I'm finally 'ready' for Christmas. And by 'ready' I mean I have a million things to do to prepare but it's my favorite time of year and albeit late, the Christmas spirit has finally hit me. So here goes a run down of our December!

Kathryn got to be 'famous' and had a staring role in the holiday video, produced by the the group I work with. I may be a little biased, but I think she did a great job :).

Annual letter to Santa (written by me, all words by Kathryn).
The daily shuffle of moving 'Sally' the Elf.
Excited for her Christmas break!
Our annual trip to Santa's Wonderland!
If you know E. J., you know that he has an obsession with travel trailers. He hasn't stopped talking about them since I've known him but for a good reason; he's always wanted us to have one to take more family trips together. So when his latest search came across a really great deal (thanks to the camper being stolen from the lot and then recovered by police a few days later), it was hard to pass up.
Here she is!
Gingerbread house making time!
Christmas concert at school!
I got a text from E. J. a few weeks ago with a picture of a kitten (which isn't that uncommon). However, after looking closely at the picture I realized that it was E. J. holding it in his office! He found the kitten abandoned under the building and brought her to his office for the rest of the day... and ended up bringing it up to have his mom check it out (having a vet as a mother has its perks since she had everything on hand for us to take care of the kitten).

At .5lb of cuteness, we made the decision to keep her. The next decision? Her name. We left this up to Kathryn. After some thought she told us that the kitten's name would be...Rosetta Stone. I think a TV commercial may have really resonated with her! So Rosetta Stone it is (I think she'll be 'Rosie' for short).
Last day of school: wear your Christmas pj's and watch The Polar Express!

Another big milestone: another lost tooth!
The story behind the lost tooth. It was so lose, but her 'technique' did the trick. 
Don't mind the laundry draped over the hamper...

On Sunday, Kathryn was acting whiny so we told her that a nap was needed. She was pissed because she hasn't taken a nap at home in years, but clearly it was a necessity. When she woke up she told me, "Mom, please don't make me ever take a nap again. It ruins the personality of a good day." WHAT?!?!
One of the cops E. J. used to work with is incredibly kind and bought every ticket in one of the theaters for a Star Wars showing. The theater was packed with cops and their families, which was a fun night out (even if I don't know much about Star Wars!).
During a villain scene, Kathryn turned to me and said "He is NOT getting a present from Santa this year!"

It's been a really busy month, but there's still lots of excitement to come. I'm hoping for slow days ahead at home and just enjoying the time at home. 


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