Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekend in San Antonio

In June we headed to San Antonio for a long weekend. We were able to pack a lot in during our trip. First stop: Sea World!
On the second day we went to Six Flags. Are you sensing an exhaustion theme (for Mom and Dad)?
All worth it for the smiles!
Dinner on the Riverwalk (it started raining a few moments later and we had to move inside)!
Photo by Kathryn
Riverboat Cruise
Hanging out on the Riverwalk
A must stop. Delicious Mexican food and desserts!
I may be a Starbucks addict, but my 'thing' has become seeking out the best local coffee place when we travel.
 Sip was a great choice!
Exploring San Antonio.
One of my favorite pictures of all time at the end of a really fun weekend.


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