Saturday, November 28, 2015

The closing of summer

This summer was full of fun memories and a few not so fun moments. E. J.'s very old sweet dog, Katie, passed away, which was a sad day for all of us. 
This was a little bit before she passed away. Kathryn asked for one last picture with her.
She grabbed her shovel after this and helped dad dig a grave.
Very sadly, exactly two months after Katie passed away, my first dog Madison died on Sept. 25. Both of the dog's deaths were unexpected, especially Madison's, but we were glad to be there with them when it happened.
Kathryn insisted on helping dig yet another grave.
While at summer camp, Kathryn sprained her ankle. She was attempting to do a handstand and that lead to a little injury, which clearly did not affect her spirit.
Poor thing has no personality.
To round out the summer, two out of the three of us got lice. I'm the second one after Kathryn brought it home from camp. Her camp recommended a lady in town who does an all natural treatment system after our attempt with the over-the-counter stuff didn't seem to work. She was wonderful and it did the trick for both of us.

Minus a few bumps, it was a summer full of wonderful memories!


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