Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mustang Island

In July we took advantage of E. J.'s mom's camper and truck and headed to Mustang Island (E. J.'s truck isn't big enough to haul that massive thing). We had the BEST time and continue to talk about the trip. We'll definitely do this again!
I swear Kathryn was happy.
The rear view.
Five hours later - we arrived!
All set up at the state park!
Our living quarters.

Making our first meal after setting up camp.

Even though it had been a long day, Kathryn couldn't wait another moment to see the beach. Notice her classic Kathryn hand pose.
She touched some create and it squirted pink stuff on her!

First beach day!

We found a fun candy store in town.
And I found a local coffee shop!

Evening walk on the beach.
Day 3: we went to Corpus Christi for a day at the aquarium.

Super fun splash pad at the aquarium!

On the ferry back to the island!
We had a low-key night with take out pizza, a movie and smores!

A collection of our food from the week - we had a combo of grilling at the camp and eating out a bit!


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