Sunday, October 25, 2015

still here!

This post is just short of a small miracle. I'm back to blogging! After six months of unintentional time off, I'm excited to be back. Work has been so busy and although that will never change, I've been desperately wanting to get back at it. 

As I prepare to update on the last six months, we had a big milestone: Kathryn lost her first tooth last week. It was an exciting day in our house!
Attempting to loosen her tooth days before it came out.
The Tooth Fairy pays well (on the first trip to our house).
For now, I leave you with the crazy amount of rain we received. It rained nearly event moment of this weekend and after months of no rain, it was a welcomed treat!
Styling her Texas A&M boots in the slew of the pond a couple of months ago.
Before (panoramic)
After (panoramic)
More to come soon!