Thursday, April 30, 2015


It's no secret that once Spring is here, I'm counting down until the Fall/Winter. But we've lucked out with some unseasonably cooler weather that has been perfect to spend time outside before the brutal Summer arrives.

Last month we checked out the Physics and Engineering Festival at Texas A&M. It's a really packed event with a lot to offer. I'm hoping we have a future engineer on our hands :)
Signs of Spring in the house!
Fun with Dad!
The dirty aftermath.
A perfect day to fly a kite.
Giving Madison a bath.
The little prepster.
Playing farm after school at Grandma's.
Each morning she says a few words to Katie the dog. Kate is about 16 years old and Kathryn gets so worried about her as she ages.
Hail storm at the house.
The front yard. Can you see the white speckles of hail on the ground?
Picking dewberries around the property.

We picked about 12 cups of berries. I froze a good bit of them and make some yummy dewberry cobbler.
So far, Spring has been good to us!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rainy and sick days - Spring Break edition

As usual, I'm in catch-up mode. Mid-March was full of rainy and sick days for us. E. J. was sick for a good month, Kathryn wasn't feeling well and I ended up getting walking pneumonia right before the few days I was off for Spring Break.

Despite all that sickness, we still tried to power through the days and Kathryn took advantage of the aftermath of the rain.
I'm pretty sure this made me mom-of-the-day.
Patient daddy.

She did her hair herself.
At one of our countless trips to the doctor during March.
Princess dress, cowgirl boots and her best bud Madison.

Although I wasn't feeling my best on St. Patrick's Day, I mustered up the energy to make some homemade green pancakes.

The four leaf clovers looked more like broccoli, but I don't think she cared!

We decided to move forward with our Spring Break plans, despite us all not back to 100%, but I'm really glad we did. First stop was the Fort Worth Zoo!
The second snake she voluntarily pet. 

Dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Obviously, I never drink because two sips in I was feeling it!
Day 2: Six Flags.
The most determined little driver you ever did see.
I hate that she loves that upside down ride.

Kathryn had a blast on our little trip and since then we have all (thankfully) returned back to our good health.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


We had a low-key Easter weekend. The weather is warming up and evening walks are back in season. 
 Racing dad never gets old. She had to 'turn on' her cheetah speed so she could beat daddy.
I made this bundt cake for Easter. Do yourself a favor and make this ASAP. The only thing I did differently was zest one lemon instead of two. You'll love it!
Kathryn picked out a carrot at the grocery store on Saturday just for the Easter Bunny and she drew him a special picture for 'him to take back to the North Pole.'
The Easter Bunny's treats for K :) 
A few things: 1) Yes, Mom. That is still her crib/mattress collecting dust under her bed 2) K is a wild sleeper so it doesn't surprise me that she's sleeping with her head towards the foot of the bed and 3) The Easter Bunny came!
This totally looks like the Easter Bunny, right? I think this is a #nailedit moment. So much for those chocolate whiskers.
Our beautiful girl in her Easter dress!
Note to self: If you let Kathryn and E. J. go to the store to pick out Easter shoes, they may or may not come back with shoes with heels.  Not exactly mommy's choice but she was over the moon excited. I'm picking my battles.
It was a dreary, rainy day today. We went to E. J.'s stepfather's sister's house and because of the weather had Easter egg hunting on the back porch. It didn't phase the kids though - they loved it!
Best buds, complete with a messy bookshelf that I've been going through ;).