Sunday, March 8, 2015

Around here

Around here, it's been a lot of the usual -- school, work, home, repeat. To catch up, here's the last month in pictures.
Doc McStuffins on a house call.
We've had some chilly mornings and I'm loving the lasting winter. There was even a two-hour delays at Kathryn's school one morning due to icy conditions.

Helping dad!
One last fire complete with s'mores.
Kathryn has been practicing riding her pony after school with Grandma. She's getting the hang of it and feeling comfortable enough to ride by herself.
Kathryn wanted me to pass along the message to Nana one day that "this is the most beautiful chambray shirt I've ever seen."
Western Day at school! "This is the most wonderful day of my life!"
Fishing pole shopping with Dad.
She loves to build. Blocks. Legos. You name it!
Daddy's jacket.
One night I found a well accessorized little girl fast asleep when I went to check on her.
Another thing she likes to build? Forts.

Kathryn takes glitter to another level.
Last week I found out I had to go to Austin over night for a work function the next day. It turned out pretty sweet, as seen in the picture above! That's a cake that looks like a chocolate bag. It was a hazelnut pound cake inside that was incredible (and shared by three people. Even then we couldn't finish it).
And then it was back to reality. Last Saturday night our dishwasher sounded funky and then totally broke. After some tinkering around, E. J. couldn't fix it. So the next morning we found ourselves dishwasher shopping (a.k.a. adulthood is totally overrated). After browsing around, I want to know what the dishwashers do that are more than $1k? We quickly found one that would be a good fit in the kitchen (and it wasn't near $1k).
While we were looking, this one was testing out the workout equipment. 
To continue our expensive week, on Monday night Kathryn's came home with a red eye. We thought it was just allergies but then it was a little redder during dinner so we decided to bring her to the walk-in clinic. PINK EYE! And while we were there, E. J. saw the doctor too. BRONCHITIS. 
On the bright side, we saw the tiniest bit of snow once Kathryn went back to school on Wednesday!
To add to the expenses of the week, I had an endoscopy on Friday to check on my acid reflux ($$$). It turns out that the surgery I had for it seven years ago has loosened up a little and I have a haital hernia. So now I have to go to a pH study in Houston eventually, but no bad news.
On Saturday morning I was up from 2-5 a.m. coughing. I think I got some of E. J.'s sickness but I don't seem to be as sick as him. Perhaps I'm just sick of money this week. Did I mention that E. J.'s truck needs $600 in repairs (upkeep and two tires). BOO!!!
It's so hard to believe that Winter is coming to an end and Spring is just around the corner. Happy March!


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