Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's Day

We had a day full of activities on Valentines Day. In prep for the day, Kathryn and I made some heart shaped cookies. The dark chocolate M&M's made them especially tasty.
Ready for the Valentine's party at school. Fun times!
Kathryn's school offered a parent's night out the evening before Valentine's. E. J. and I were surprisingly nervous about dropping her off since she's never done this sort of thing before (especially E. J. - he said he wouldn't have like that sort of thing as a kid). But I knew our social butterfly would be good.

When we got to her school to leave her at the gym door she held my hand tightly and said "I don't know if I'm ready for this." Then about 5 seconds later she spotted familiar faces and said "I see some of my friends!" and left us in her dust.
A meal with just the two of us!
Grocery shopping alone! Crazy Friday night.
We picked up Kathryn around 9:30 and she was instantly disappointed to see us. She didn't want to leave. I kind of didn't blame her with the games, movies, crafts and cookie decorating she was busy with all night.
We woke up Valentine's morning and made a tasty Saturday morning breakfast and acted crazy, as usual.

E. J.'s mom recently bought a small fishing boat for us to use because E. J.'s been wanting to take K out fishing, camping and every other outdoor activity possibly. So we decided to give the boat a try since it was a beautiful day.
Beforehand, he did all the prepping necessary for a smooth ride, although he was admittedly a little nervous about bringing the boat out for the first time. Once the boat was in the water, K and I sat in it while he parked the truck and trailer. As we were sitting there, water was filling the boat and I turned around to see E. J. running toward us. As he was parking the truck he realized he never plugged the boat.
So this happened...
As E. J. was trying to pull the boat to the dock, which was really hard since it was so heavy from the water, he looked up and saw a guy who was a cop with him years ago. He was able to help bring us in. At this point, E. J. had to get in the water to guide the boat. What a mess. The boat finally made its way to the trailer. Then it was time to drain it for about 15 minutes.

Waiting for the boat to drain.
Once the water was out of the boat, I volunteered to back the boat into the water. Bad idea. I assumed that I would just drive straight back and it would be easy peasy. WRONG! Turns out I'm not a natural at driving a truck with a trailer. I finally gave up and told E. J. to handle the rest. I need to practice more for the future.

The second try worked like a charm. The boat was plugged and once it was in the water we were good and enjoyed a leisurely ride around the reservoir. 
Pure joy!
Smooth sailing!

Once we knew the boat was working (and wasn't filling with water) we were already
at the point to laugh at the whole situation.
After our boating 'adventure' we cleaned up and ended our day ended with dinner at a local bed and breakfast. The three of us had a wonderful meal and the company couldn't have been better.
It was definitely a day to remember!


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