Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An everyday weekend

We had one of those weekends that makes adulthood way overrated: Errands and vehicle repairs. That's about the extent of our weekend. Although it was one those non-eventful weekends, we added some laid back excitement to the dreary, cold and rainy weekend.
Friday: Picture day at school!
Saturday: Hot chocolate at the grocery store!
Saturday night: Discovering the rabbit hole that is Pottery Barn Kids.
Saturday night: Another puzzle! This time, a 500 piecer.
Saturday night: Forget the puzzle. Let's be crazy with our noodle necklace!

The finished product! E. J. stayed up really late Saturday and finished it Sunday morning. K and I can probably take credit for about 10% of it.
Sunday morning: our usual big breakfast.
Sunday night: Gnocchi (easy dinner!)
Sunday night: Another puzzle before bed! This time a kid-friendly one from Aunt Debbie!


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