Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Catching up: Four

FINALLY! All caught up. Here's to blogging on a more timely basis in 2015!

Kathryn is closer to five at this point, so what better time to update about her fourth birthday. Geez!
To celebrate her birthday at school, she picked out these Hello Kitty cupcakes because her old school didn't allow homemade treats. My baking-self hated buying store made cupcakes.
To celebrate Kathryn's birthday, Nana and Pop Pop came to Texas for a fun visit! So right after they landed, we went to celebrate my birthday, a month in advance ;)!
She told the waiter is was her birthday.
As usual, it was a great visit with mom and dad. We stayed around the house a lot and just enjoyed each other's company.
Lots of back scratching.
Lots of reading.
Playing around with Nana!
For Kathryn's birthday, E. J.'s mom and step dad got her the ultimate treehouse/swingset. The catch? The setup. Luckily, Pop Pop is amazing and said he would take on the task (read: a challenge for anyone else but Pop Pop). 
Still no grass in the backyard...
A 2.5 day labor of love project.
The finished product!
She loves it! And thankfully has not lost interest. She plays on it all of the time.
For Kathryn's fourth birthday she chose homemade pizza and vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, which is exactly what she got!

After the celebrating was over, our least favorite part of the trip came: Nana and Pop Pop went back to Vermont.  We are so lucky that they were able to come down to make turning four even more special!

Kathryn's four year old stats (May 2014)
  • Height: 3' 6" (89th percentile)
  • Weight: 41.8 lb (89th percentile)


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