Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Excitement

I have two more posts as part of "catching up" before the year is over, but for now I'll interrupt with what we've been up to the past few weeks as we prepare for Christmas!

Note: Trying something new and putting the captions on the bottom of the picture rather than the top.
Our first gingerbread house! I knew my patience wasn't there for actually building the house. I recommend always going with the pre-built house. It made the experience better for all involved.
Another picture with Santa! This time it was at school.
Letter to Santa! I wrote word for word as she dictated. Apparently mommy is the materialist one.
Our annual visit to see the lights and take a hayride.
Christmas lights on the house. The only place I'll compromise with the other two in the house and be ok with colored lights.
Supervising while Dad does all the labor. 
Making Christmas cookies for her school party (while wearing the sweater my grandmother made me when I was her age). 

A performance before bedtime (oops about the orientation of the video).
Cooper (her BFF at school) was so nice to get her a Christmas gift (My Little Pony set) so she returned the favor with some matchbox cars. She wrote her name all by herself without any help on spelling!
Ready for her school's Christmas program (and very excited about her outfit).
Our little gift! (She's on the far left)

 E. J. picked her up on her last day of school before the two week break. 
This is her I'm-excited-to-be-on-Christmas-break look.
Headed to another trip to Six Flags to see the Christmas lights one more time.
Merry Texmas!
It's hard to believe, but Kathryn is big enough to go on the majority of the rides. She's been wanting to go on this one (pictured above) that goes upside down. UPSIDE DOWN! I told E. J. "no," I would not be going on it. HELL NO I'm not going on it. I was nervous enough watching them. The pictures above were taken with E. J. and K on the ride and the bottom right was Kathryn running toward me after the ride. I was hoping she would be crying because she hated it. Instead? She was jumping up and down and wanted to go on it again. "Mom, I was going so fast snots were falling out of my nose." Great...
The teacups are more my speed (K and I are on the right). 
We spent Sunday night wrapping the majority of the presents. I'm kicking myself for not taking yesterday and today off because of the amount I have to do (luckily it's a half day today!). I think we're all ready for Christmas and the break that comes along with it! 


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