Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Catching up: November

How is it already December? In an effort to do some MAJOR catching up (from Spring to present - yikes!) I'll be posting some "Catching Up" posts during the month to finish out the year.
At the beginning of the month we celebrated Kathryn's 4.5 birthday!
 She's been practicing writing like crazy.
In mid-November we had unseasonably cold weather so we took advantage of every second from cozy blankets, warm clothes and using the fire place as much as possible, which meant we had to make s'mores.
 My happy gal :)
In the spirit of the holiday season, I felt like K was old enough to see The Nutcracker. I've been wanting to take her for a while and four ended up being the perfect age. She was memorized by the ballerinas and did surprisingly well since the no-talking thing could have been an issue.
I rushed home from work so we would make it on time and decided to take E. J.'s truck into town. He warned me that it would need gas before we got home. On our way into town the low-gas light came on but I wasn't overly worried about it...until we left the show and the wait to get out of the garage was looking to be about 30 minutes. I was stressing and too afraid to take the risk of running out of gas in a parking garage.

Since we were on campus at 10 p.m. we lucked out with the bookstore open until midnight. Thank goodness for Starbucks treats and over-priced university merchandise to occupy our time.
 Posing with the stuffed Reveille! 
As we made our way back to the truck (and the story ended well - we didn't run out of gas. Phew!) we bumped into even more excitement - the pre-portion of Midnight Yell (a Texas A&M tradition the night before a game. Think along the lines of a pep rally but with 50k people in attendance).
The next morning I had to be at work because the college I work for was hosting a tailgate and a bunch of staff was needed to help. My day was made when my favorite little visitor stopped by.
We started decorating crazy early this year (two weeks before Thanksgiving). This was way out of the norm for me as I usually stick to the day after Thanksgiving but we finally gave in to K's desperation to decorate.
Kathryn had a Thanksgiving lunch at school a couple of weeks ago and I had the pleasure of joining her.
 "Mom. This is the best day ever! We should eat lunch together everyday."
Out to eat on a rainy Friday night - biggest calzone ever that fed the three of us (plus some extra)!
We ended the month with leaf piles, playing outside and driving around the pasture.
So ready for December and all that it brings!


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