Monday, December 8, 2014

Catching up: Eyes

When Kathryn had her four year well-child visit in May one portion of the appointment is the first eye exam. As it turns out, she failed her exam. Somebody has her daddy's eyes.

To follow-up, we met with an optometrist late this summer. She confirmed that K has 20/50 vision and said that although she didn't need to rely on glasses at this point, it would probably be a good idea for her to get them, especially before kindergarten. 
Since there wasn't a huge rush to get them, we finally got around to letting her pick out a pair a couple of weeks ago. It was no surprise that they ended up being PINK!
She's still getting used to the glasses and not yet wearing them to school (she has expressed concern about other kids making fun of her for wearing them - which totally breaks my heart - but I think she'll get there in no time, especially because of how much we talk about great they are!).


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