Saturday, November 1, 2014


I think four is the year of Halloween enthusiasm. This was the first year that we took K out for the real deal of trick-or-treating.
She was ready for trick-or-treating from the moment she got up for school!
Complete with themed socks, compliment of her sweet teacher!
Since we don't have neighbors you need to go into town for trick-or-treating. So after work, the three of us met up for dinner and then we got the little Bug ready for Halloween in the truck.
 The finished product! 
She told us a month or so ago that she wanted to be a unicorn (not sure where she go that one from)! Shortly after, E. J. stumbled upon this costume and Target and it turned out to be a hit.
 K had a blast going up to the doors by herself and never lost the enthusiastic "trick-or-treat" with each knock at the door. She did great!
 An hour and a half of walking around and we called it quits after a fun night.