Sunday, October 5, 2014


E. J.'s been wanting to take Kathryn camping for a while (and also finally break out the tent and blow-up mattress we received as wedding gifts seven (7!) years ago!). So when we saw that cooler weather was predicted, we went for it.

I was a little skeptical, since I'm not really a camp-y person, but I was pleasantly surprised by the grounds, which were conveniently only 20 minutes from our house.

I was only able to leave work a tad-bit early, so when we got there we had to get to business and set-up camp fast since there wasn't much daylight left.

We were all starving by the time the tent was finished and I cooked dinner - hamburgers. I think the hungry was talking, but Kathryn wouldn't stop talking about how delicious the hamburgers were :). They were pretty tasty on the grill!
Naturally, we had to do s'mores!
I don't ever want to go camping without a blow-up mattress. 
It was in the 50s during the night. Between the three of us sleeping together in the double bed, plenty of blankets and layers, we were able to keep plenty warm.
We survived the night!
The important stuff: making breakfast tacos!
Hanging out in the doggy room.
 The little helper taking down the tent.
The three of us had a really great time (I was surprised at myself for actually enjoying it!). I think more camping may be in our future since this test run went so well. Most importantly, K won't stop talking about how much fun she had, which made us both happy.

Now, if the camp site could somehow have an on site Starbucks, I'd be there every weekend.
I picked this up after we got home and went grocery shopping. A hot shower and this drink made camping even better!

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  1. I'm so glad you had fun! I absolutely love camping so I'm always happy to see someone else join the club :) I can't wait to take our little girl camping.