Thursday, September 11, 2014

Second first day of school

We got a surprise last week and found out that after being on the waiting list, our local school had a spot available for Kathryn in their Pre-K program. We were/are so excited that this opportunity came so that Kathryn could start going to real school.

Assuming we don't move, she'll be in this school for the next 14 years (that's right...Pre-K-12 is on the same campus).

Kathryn went to her daycare on Monday as her official last day and to say goodbye to her friends after a little over two years there. When I picked K up from school each day we would walk down the hall past the front office. Ms. Shelly, who works in the front office, was there everyday waiting for Kathryn with a peppermint in hand. They do this in "secret" because she's not supposed to give out candy to all of the kids.

When we got to the end of the hall on Monday, Ms. Shelly had a special surprise - the entire bucket of peppermints!

I think Kathryn told everyone we passed that afternoon that she wouldn't be back anymore because she's going to "a big kid's school." She was sad about leaving but had no hesitations about moving schools. We're pretty happy about no more daycare bills. Even though we just paid for the month last week, it's a win for our checkbook in the coming months!
This weekend we talked about going to the big kid's school a bunch. I asked Kathryn how she was going to meet new friends and she had a plan almost immediately. (Looking my dead in the eyes and reaching out her hand to shake mine) "Hi! I'm Kathryn. It's an honor to shake your hand."

She later told us that no one knew how to shake hands, but perhaps her approach was a little strong :).

For the big day, Kathryn picked out her outfit and was super pumped about starting school.
This picture is blurry because she was jumping with excitement to start her day. Her teacher could not have been more welcoming! She met us in the office and showed us the two classrooms that Kathryn will be in (school started two weeks ago). The elementary school was expanded and the building is only a few years old. Both of us loved the big bright classrooms.
I left work early so I could pick her up on her first day (because school gets out at 3:25 my mother-in-law and father-in-law are helping us tremendously by picking her up, especially because the school doesn't have an after-school program. Luckily it will work out that I can drop her off each morning). After I moved up in the line about two spots Kathryn could see me and was waiving like crazy.
The first thing she told me in the car: "Mom! I have a new best friend! His name is Cooper. He's a boy." Phew! All smiles and happy stories - it was a great first day. I picked up a cake pop from Starbucks because a big day like this just calls for one.
At home she wanted me to take about 100 photos of her making silly faces :).
Yesterday, Kathryn's second day, we worked on the drop-off routine. Typically parents will drive under the overhang and the kids walk in by themselves to the cafeteria. We'll get there, probably by next week, but I walked Kathryn to the cafeteria today. We said our goodbyes and she calmly walked away. As she made her way to her table she started slowing down, probably taking in the amount of kids around her, but then I saw her light up and do a big wave to a familiar face, whom I believe to be Cooper. She struck up a conversation and I watched her for a moment and then headed out. Before I know it, I'll just be dropping her off at the curb.

Just this morning Kathryn told me "I can't wait to walk into school by myself!" I'm not sure I'm ready for that one. As it is, I miss my little buddy on our car ride into town and back home each day.

Things Kathryn likes about the new school:
  • Being able to walk down the hall and go to the bathroom by herself
  • Her teachers (two teachers and two classrooms)
  • Learning new things! At dinner last night she explained to us what "persistent" means and gave us an example of a spider crawling up a spout. "It's when you try, try and try again and never give up!"
  • Cooper
Things Kathryn doesn't like about the new school:
  • The other kids get hot lunch. She told me "You don't have to make my lunch anymore, they can just give me lunch at school." Sorry kiddo, I'll be making your lunch.
  • No blankets or stuffed animals allowed at nap time anymore (daycare allowed those item)
  • When someone interrupts her talking to Cooper
More to come in Kathryn's new school adventures!


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