Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"First Day" of School

"It's Gator Room day!" That's how I woke Kathryn up yesterday because I knew it would get her out of bed instantly. And it worked!

Kathryn started in the "big kids" class yesterday, marking her last year at her current school. She left the Panda room in the dust and walked to the end of the hall with sheer excitement as she entered the Gator class, greeted by her friends.
She told us that her first day was "super amazing!" and brought us home a picture "of our family in a rainbow." She was disappointed that she forgot to put arms on us, but that edit is coming soon :).
As a special back to school dinner, Kathryn asked that I make enchiladas. Those red spots on her meal are just the start of her putting hot sauce on them. She's definitely a Texan.
I was exhausted after work so we laid on the couch after dinner and Kathryn started rubbing my hair. After a while I told her that she didn't have to do it any more if she didn't want to but told me, "I would be honored to." Who is this kid?
Day 2! 
She's made the decision to grow out her bangs, so we're giving that a try.
We know she'll have a great last-year at her school and can't believe that a year from now she'll be in Kindergarten! 


  1. That kid is getting so big! and cuter by the day!

    1. It's crazy, Andy! I'm sure you're experiencing the same thing with Ben too. Time is flying by!