Friday, August 29, 2014

Scenes from around here

Oh hey! Remember me? Wow, I can't believe (and I'm so happy) that summer is almost over! Since it has been such a busy summer, this post is basically a random dump of photos from the last month and a half.

My sweet Patrick Swayze (aka my 2002 Honda Civic) wasn't doing so hot at the beginning of the summer, but it's much better (fingers crossed) after E. J. tinkered around with him and purchased a new radiator fan (I've been driving him again the last few weeks). While in the mourning process, E. J.'s mom kindly let me borrow one of her cars, which happened to have a sunroof. 

When we got home each day, Kathryn asked to take her seat belt off in the driveway as we made our way to the house while sticking her head out of the sunroof. 
Headed to Houston for Taylor and Abby's birthday!
The aftermath of a great birthday party.
Best. Thing. Ever. Taking a quick trip around the house.
An inner ear infection in one ear and an outer ear infection in another finally caught up with her.
 Kathryn spent a full hour making this "cottage." She is not afraid to get her hands dirty...or her pjs.
I don't even know where to start.
There's a new addition on the farm recently - a brand new donkey. Kathryn named it 'Beethoven' and I believe the mom already has a name, but she renamed it 'Julie'. (K is a big fan of the 90s classic movie, Beethoven, can you tell?).
This is E. J. and me in an ice castle.
She finished another two weeks of swim lessons at the next level and loved it!
 K's Saturday morning breakfast! She designed it (and ate it all) herself.
We've made two trips to Six Flags this summer (we purchased season tickets and E. J. has a lofty goal of going once a month - so far we're on track. We'll see if we can keep it up.).

During our first trip we realized we have a dare devil of a daughter. Anything she's tall enough to ride, she will ride. Including this one below - the Judge Roy Scream. At first she was feeding off of my fears of the ride and as we were going down the first drop was screaming "I'M NOT ENJOYING THIS!!!" but seconds later she was enjoying every second!
If we let her, she would have gone on every ride by herself. She didn't need us!
K also wrapped up another series of rodeos!
A recent shot! Last night we cheered on the Aggies for the first game of the season. When Kathryn saw guys tackle each other she said, "that was very inappropriate."
Just this morning as we were pulling out of the driving. Today was Kathryn's last day in the Panda class. She's moving up to the Gator class (the big kid class) next week (and couldn't be happier to be one of the big kids.
These pictures are a glimpse into some parts of the last month+ but I'll update more detailed parts soon. Thanks for sticking around!


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