Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mutton Bustin'

This weekend, Kathryn suited up in her rodeo gear for another go around.
Since her last rodeo Kathryn has been talking about Mutton Bustin' after seeing some other kids doing it. It's basically the kids version of a rough stock competition, although not nearly as dangerous.
She's the real deal!

Here's the full (and really quick) experience of Mutton Bustin'.
She gave it such a great try (even if she insisted on riding it like a're supposed to kind of lay on top of it and hold on). But she didn't shed a tear and actually had a great time. We were really glad that she pulled through and gave it try, just like she said she would!
Some freeze frames from the video...

After giving Mutton Bustin' a try, she prepped Doctor Pony for the lead line.

K told us that she needs to think about if she wants to do Mutton Bustin' again, which sounds good to us. I love her bravery and willingness to give almost anything a try!


  1. When I saw this come up I said out loud, "Oh yeahhhh!!" I wanna be in a rodeo.

    1. You need to be! I think a rodeo would look great on you ;).