Sunday, June 29, 2014

Swim lessons

It's true. Kathryn is four and just now taking her first swimming lesson. Due to scheduling, we weren't able to work out swimming lessons in the past, but (no surprise to me) Kathryn took to the water as if she's been swimming years.

She just finished up a two-week (Monday-Friday) class and loved every minute of the class. She had a great teacher and now we're thinking about enrolling her in another class this summer to keep her going.
First day!

Week 2!
Because K is still in gymnastics and her normal class time conflicts with swim, she has been making up class at a different time right after swim (read: things that make mommy tired...luckily gymnastics is only once a week).

Things were a little confusing once her class finished stretching because she wasn't with her usual teacher and she found herself in a conversation with a teacher about cats (no surprise there). I saw her walk with a class of older girls and then the girls starting doing way advanced stuff on the bars. I kept watching when it was K's turn just to see how she would handle it. With no hesitation, she walked up to the bars and with the teacher's help tried it out.

As proud as I was to see her give it a try, I asked the lady at the front desk to alert one of the teachers to bring her to the right class, which didn't seem to phase Kathryn either. She's a trip.

She did great and graduated to the next level!
 We celebrated the end of her class by going out to dinner followed by some fro yo...
 and playing around with the camera.

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  1. omg I am seriously obsessed with both of you. is there a cool kid mentor program K and Heidi can get hooked up in?