Sunday, June 29, 2014

Swim lessons

It's true. Kathryn is four and just now taking her first swimming lesson. Due to scheduling, we weren't able to work out swimming lessons in the past, but (no surprise to me) Kathryn took to the water as if she's been swimming years.

She just finished up a two-week (Monday-Friday) class and loved every minute of the class. She had a great teacher and now we're thinking about enrolling her in another class this summer to keep her going.
First day!

Week 2!
Because K is still in gymnastics and her normal class time conflicts with swim, she has been making up class at a different time right after swim (read: things that make mommy tired...luckily gymnastics is only once a week).

Things were a little confusing once her class finished stretching because she wasn't with her usual teacher and she found herself in a conversation with a teacher about cats (no surprise there). I saw her walk with a class of older girls and then the girls starting doing way advanced stuff on the bars. I kept watching when it was K's turn just to see how she would handle it. With no hesitation, she walked up to the bars and with the teacher's help tried it out.

As proud as I was to see her give it a try, I asked the lady at the front desk to alert one of the teachers to bring her to the right class, which didn't seem to phase Kathryn either. She's a trip.

She did great and graduated to the next level!
 We celebrated the end of her class by going out to dinner followed by some fro yo...
 and playing around with the camera.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Kathryn has another round of rodeos this summer, which kicked off Saturday night. She was so excited to get her in rodeo outfit (I think that's most of the thrill for her).
More like a Hollywood rodeo gal...
 She decided to ride a full-sized horse for this rodeo instead of Dr. Pony.
She did great and looked so confident the whole time. In fact, when she was recapping the event to Nana on the phone she told her "I did remarkable."
We took it easy around the house today. Kathryn is a little sick so we had some downtime after playing outside for a while.
Two peas in a pod. She adores him!
We celebrated with a yummy dinner, King Ranch Chicken...
...and of course, dessert. These are sinful. So sinful that I'm taking them to work tomorrow so they're out of the house.
And a very important Happy Father's Day to this guy. The hardest working, best dad around!
Hope you had a great Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Last Day" of School

Unfortunately, when you're four and both of your parents work full-time there is really no such thing as a "last day" of school. But today, for the sake of taking pictures, we pretended it was the last day before we headed out the door.

This little girl is growing into such a big girl and she continues to amaze us. 
She's left all remnants of being a baby and toddler behind her. 

9.3.13 v. 6.12.14

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thirty One

Last Thursday I turned 31! I was so lucky to have such a nice day thanks to family and friends!

At work, I got the surprise of a delicious cookie cake. We couldn't help but laugh because the store only had graduation cakes available...or Christmas colors :).
For dinner, I requested breakfast for dinner. It was a long day at work and it hit the spot. Plus, I can't get enough of my FAVORITE breakfast sandwich (English muffin, 1/4 avocado, 2 egg whites w/ fajita seasoning and a little bit of hot pepper cheese). I could eat it for every meal!
K opted for a pancake, turkey bacon and a nectarine. She's never had breakfast for dinner before and thought it was the COOLEST THING EVER!
 Yummy cheesecake complete with a cup of coffee in my favorite mug.

One of my gifts from Kathryn called "The Perfect Wind chime." 
She constructed this using a popsicle stick, pens and tape.
Another gift - a sparkly glue creation.
 This kid...
 I love, love, love when she tells either of us exactly what to say in a card.
I'm hoping 31 has great things in order!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sea World

Here I am again, really behind on updates. I hate that! Rather than backtracking today, I wanted to recap our visit to Sea World yesterday while it's still fresh on my mind.

We met up with friends Josh, Sarah and their son, Brayden (E. J. worked with Josh in college) in San Antonio for a day of fun. The drive for us is 3.5 hours, so we left about 6:15 and with one stop, we arrived at the park right when it opened at 10.
Car ride entertainment: The Little Mermaid
Our morning was full of watching a few shows and checking out exhibits.
 It was a beautiful day (although a sweaty 95 degrees).
We agreed that this one our favorite show. So impressive!

After a 30 minute break for lunch, Kathryn was ready to bust out her bathing suit for the rides. The splash pad they have for the kids is amazing. Although there are SO MANY kids running around, you pretty much can't blink so you can keep an (eagle) eye on your child.
I love how outgoing she is. She just went right out there with no reservations and had a blast.

 Daredevil. She really wanted to go alone, but she finally 'let' E. J. go with her.

 Here were are waiting in line for the white water rapids ride. It's an adult ride that she couldn't wait to try (luckily she was tall enough) and we were totally soaked at the end of it. She. Loved. It. (I could have lived without going directly under a waterfall).
While walking back to the truck she told us "I think my feet are about to give up on walking." She was SUCH A TROOPER! We didn't bring a stroller and walked around a ton. E. J. held her for maybe a total of 20 minutes all day. She was awesome!

As we were leaving the park she told E. J. "Dad, you made a really good decision to come to Sea World." It was a fun day for everyone. No sunburns, thanks to constantly re-applying sunscreen and only one boo-boo (as seen on her left knee). She fell about 3 minutes after we got to the park but toughed it out.

We spent exactly 8 hours in the park and we're all feeling it today. Kathryn started playing on her LeapPad when we left the park. Shortly after, I heard her head hit the LeapPad.
Long day.
We stopped at Chick-fil-a for dinner on the way home, changed this girl into her "comfy clothes" and she was out for the last hour of the trip. Once we got home a little after 10, showers were taken and jumping into bed never felt so good.
I made a big batch of homemade pancakes this morning and immediately after we declared it a "lazy day." I think a day of hanging around and playing movie theatre (as K calls it) is in order!