Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Challenge: Food Purge Week 2

The rundown of the week: 
Breakfast:  Blueberry coffee cake that I made a couple of months ago and had some leftovers in the freezer.
Sunday: This meal was inspired by a pack of slider buns in the freezer. Slap on some avocado and it was a pretty tasty little slider. I also made some homemade onion rings (good thing I don't make these often because they're addicting).
Monday: Gymnastics night, which means dinner in the car.
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday!
Wednesday: My favorite breakfast sandwich (because I was too tired to make a full dinner) - egg whites, a little bit of cheese, smashed avocado on a light English muffin. E. J. and Kathryn ate leftovers.
Thursday: Pork tenderloin with red pepper and onion relish, broccoli and mashed potatoes
Friday: A much needed girls night out with Amanda - pasta primavera

Saturday: Salad

Items used that we did not have to purchase: 10
My grocery shopping assistant

However, I officially stink when it comes to the budget part. When I subtracted non-food items, the total came to $105.78. I took advantage of sales and bought more than I needed of items that we use frequently, but that also increased my bill.It's very clear that feeding a family healthy foods can be expensive.
Here goes week 3!


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