Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Challenge: Food Purge Week 1

Week one wasn't entirely eventful only because of the amount of leftovers. I began the challenge on April 1, which happened to be Taco Tuesday (we pretty much religiously follow Taco Tuesday). I went with the Mexican theme, but made enchiladas instead because I had some green chile stew to finish before it went bad in the fridge (hence, the point of the challenge).

Tuesday: Chicken enchiladas with homemade Spanish rice (not exactly the most appetizing of pictures, but I promise you that they are pretty tasty!)
Wednesday: leftover chicken enchiladas
Thursday: leftover chicken enchiladas (can you tell it makes a big batch?)
Friday: Salmon, wild rice and peas (I finished a bag of peas, K finished leftover broccoli and E. J. finished leftover corn)
Saturday: Homemade pizza (including the dough). Saturday nights are usually homemade pizza night along with homemade pizza rolls (peppers and onions for me, pepperoni for E. J. and Kathryn)
I found a loaf of blueberry orange bread (I don't even remember when I made that) so we ate that for breakfast this week.
And don't forget about dessert! I made brownies...well, because the box "had" to be used. I go back and fourth between homemade and packaged brownies, but since the package was there, I went for it.
The Damage
Hmmm. This number doesn't exactly fit in my desired budget. I went through the receipt and it turns out that $78.34 was spent on non-food items (dog food, kitty litter, vitamins, etc....those essential items that had to be purchased this week). That means that we spent $92.02 on actual food...still over budget. Again, this week seemed to be the week of buying things that have run out which compliment our normal food. Things like salsa, hot sauce and other random things. It's been a learning experience.

Total count of items that we completely used up this week: 8


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