Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I got a call at 4:30 Thursday afternoon that Kathryn had a minor fever. When I picked her up she also had a nasty cough, so I figured that Friday would be a "home day" (she dubbed the term "home day," which normally means the weekend and loves them to pieces).

We made a pit stop on our way home for some more cough medicine and we may or may not have purchased some gummy bears for Kathryn to have on her frozen yogurt at home (anything to heal her sore throat). Her day was made because it was sprinkling and she was finally able to whip out her umbrella.
It was picture day at school so she was still in smiling-mode despite looking sick and sleepy.
I stayed home with the Bug and we had a slow-paced Friday morning.
By late afternoon, she wasn't running a fever anymore so we broke out of the house for some fresh air.
About an hour after our walk, the wind was screaming, dark clouds were rolling in and it began hailing. We had to go outside and check it out. It was crazy loud on our tin roof porch!
Speaking of the tin roof...part of it flew off and another part was barely hanging on.
On Saturday we went to the vet school for their annual open house. E. J. used to go with his mom when she was in vet school and we've been looking forward to taking her now that she's old enough to really enjoy it.
Of course she accessorized with her favorite doggy purse
We toured the small animal clinic (almost 3 hours in line and then an hour tour). We couldn't believe how packed it was! We'll need to go back next year to see more, including the large animal clinic. However, I couldn't believe Kathryn's patience despite the Disney World-like lines!
We were able to see all sorts of really neat things! We even got to see (through a glass) 4th year vet students performing surgery (a dog being spayed). When they opened it up for questions our group was pretty silent...expect for Kathryn. She wanted to know why they used a "blanket" over the doggy while they were doing surgery. She probably would have kept asking if we didn't have to move to the next place.


In the cardiology ward there was a demonstration of CPR on a practice dog. At the end, the vet students asked if anyone wanted to give it a try. Some adults went to try it out and then Kathryn told us that she was going to try. Without hesitation (or our help) she made the way through the group and totally started going for it!

 We ended our weekend with a pretty easy day today and took advantage of the mild weather.
 Happy Monday!


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