Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring break

Spring break was last week and I was lucky to have last Thursday and Friday off of work. It was a busy four-day weekend and although I wish there was more time to just enjoy being home, we did have some nice time off together.

On Thursday, K had a follow-up appointment to check out the tubes in her ears. All looks well! And the doctor was extra fun and gave K this glove creature.
The weather was beautiful on Friday and it was perfect for wearing-out-activities outside.
Messing around with Cinderella
She dressed herself in a fall-themed outfit. Stripes and polka dots? Heck yes! 
And who needs shoes on the correct feet anyway?
Saturday was a blur of errands. We had to drop off E. J.'s truck to get some work done, E. J. had to go to the doctor because his knee has been killing him from a running injury, I got my hair trimmed and then we dropped my car off because it was making weird sounds after getting $650 worth of repairs the previous weekend (luckily it was fixed and now I'm hoping my car can last until the end of the year). Basically, all of our activities consisted of money, money and more money, which is tough when we're not trying to spend any money except on necessities (and yes, it was totally necessary to get my hair trimmed - for cheap. It was not looking pretty!).

On Sunday, in the spirit of St. Patty's Day, I made some green pancakes for Kathryn. She's on a pancake kick lately and has one almost every morning.
I was curious about her reaction :)

Since K and E. J. had already been to the doctor, it wouldn't be complete without me going as well. On Saturday afternoon my arm started feeling really strange in one small area. It didn't feel muscular, more like pressure and sharp pains that was isolated to an area in the shape of a rectangle. It would phase in and out and sometimes would be pretty painful. Since we had to pick up my car Sunday morning, I decided that it would probably be best if I went to see a doctor.

The doctor thought that I have the beginning stages of the shingles. If it is the shingles, then it was caught pretty early and the medicine she prescribed should help with the severity. Fingers crossed! So far, the medicine is making a difference.

Sunday night, while Kathryn was supposed to be sleeping, she emerged from her room with Mommy and Daddy portraits. I was told by the artist that I'm supposed to imagine that I have a mouth and reminded that both Mommy and Daddy have food in their bellies :).

We woke up this morning back in the routine. Kathryn loves to play restaurant in the morning. Once she comes into our room, I bring her breakfast to her on a tray in our bed. Today she feasted on another green pancake.
Thanks to Nana and Pop Pop, Kathryn was looking festive for St. Patrick's Day as we started out our week.
 Our 6:45 a.m. faces
Monday night gymnastics 
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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