Saturday, October 12, 2013

Becoming a "Soccer Mom"

Albeit slow, I can see my future self become a soccer mom, minus the minivan. Kathryn has been asking...and for a couple of weeks to take gymnastics. When I asked her if she knew what gymnastics were she said, "No. Can you tell me?"

Her persistence paid off. I looked into classes and found times for the 3-5 year old class that could allow me to pick her up from school, grab a quick bite to eat, change her and head to class (hence, where the 'soccer mom' portion of my life is beginning) and before I knew it, we were pulling into the gymnastics facility for her to take her first class!
To say that she had a blast would be a total understatement. Without hesitation, she joined the other kids and left me in her dust. 

She appears to be the youngest in her group, but I don't think that phased her. There were a bunch of classes going on at the same time and I think she really loved the energy in the room from the high school girls practicing for the competitive cheerleading team to the other girls on the balance beam.
I hope she continues to enjoy it as much as she did on her first night.

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