Monday, September 23, 2013


It's been two weeks since Kathryn's surgery and we're really happy to report that she's doing great.

She had a high fever for the entire day the day after her surgery which wasn't out of of the ordinary, but two days after her surgery she was almost at 100%.
She stayed home for the rest of the week to fully recover. E. J. and her called their days at home "lazy days" where they enjoyed hours of movie watching and naps (I was highly jealous).

The doctor gave her an antibiotic a few days after surgery once the results of the culture they took during the surgery were available.
Less than a week later her nose stopped constantly running and then within a week and a half her cough stopped. It really did the trick.

Tonight I asked her to recall her surgery day...and two weeks later, she could remember it pretty clearly.

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  1. I am here to confirm that she is not coughing and does not have boogies. Based on how she acted Saturday night, she is 100% better!