Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Her first rodeo

I can't believe it, but Kathryn participated in her first rodeo this weekend. Even more so, I can't believe that I have a daughter who is participating in rodeos.

E. J.'s mom found a youth rodeo about an hour away from us and she thought it would be fun for K to take Doctor Pony out and "compete."

Although K already had her cowgirl boots and belt, she needed a western shirt (which was required to participate) and a cowgirl hat. Luckily, we had Amanda to help us shop and she ended up looking the part from head to toe.

Despite it being a non-competitive rodeo, it was very clear that people are serious about getting their kids prepared to eventually compete. All of the kids were in their western wear as their moms and dads pulled up in massive trucks hauling their horse trailers.

Warming up

Kathryn's lucky that her grandparents already have the equipment to haul the horse and even a saddle that's just her size (now I understand why people say that it takes a lot of money to have a child who does any sort of competing with their horse).
"Grand Entry"

She participated in the lead rope portion. While all of the other kids were slowly led around the barrels, Kathryn and E. J. had to show them up and picked up the speed quite a bit.

I should have taken the video in landscape, but you can still get the idea. Also, turn your volume down. They were having some technical difficulties with the speaker system, so there's static and other weird noises in the background. The music will also probably make you laugh, too.

 I can't even tell you how much fun she had. There are two more that she'll attend and then she wins her  first belt buckle (yes, you heard me).  We may have a future barrel racer on our hands.


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