Friday, September 6, 2013

Big Girl Class

Kathryn started in the three year old class this week. I like to say she went back to school, but the life of two working parents means she's in school all year long, although we tried to make the day feel a little more special than the typical school day.
I love those knobby knees. (Outfit and accessories all chosen by Kathryn)
Lately Kathryn has been clingy in the morning when I dropped her off and just feeling so-so about going to school. But there was an instant change in her attitude when she entered her new big girl class. She actually has two classes right next to each other, one is more for school and the other is their play room, complete with a huge basket of dress up clothes. I think being in a class with older kids is just what Kathryn needed. In fact, one teacher told me that she would handle herself just fine with the four year olds, which doesn't surprise me because sometimes I think she's 30.

Everyday this week at drop off she puts on her dress up clothes (with heels!) and is ready for her day. It makes me happy to see her so happy about going to school each day and I hope this keeps up.
Cake pop treat
 And she got to pick dinner - pizza!
On the same great first day of school (and week for that matter) Kim and Andy welcomed Benjamin! We're so excited and happy for them. Welcome to the world, Benjamin! He's a lucky little guy to have the a great mommy and daddy (and it doesn't hurt that he's so darn cute!).


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