Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three' far

Nearly four months into the three's and so far things are really good. Kathryn hasn't become the "threenager" that I've heard about with other kiddos. You also hear that three's are worse than two's. The two's weren't bad and so far the three's aren't either. Sure, she has her moments but my perception of a moody three year old has been shattered with K's behavior (or it could just be that I have a super high tolerance). Who knows.

She's so many things, but I've tried to compile some of her prominent characteristics.

The negotiator. When you tell her to do something, she doesn't accept it as is but instead will ask "What's my option?" and then she'll add something to the original request. For example, I'll tell her that it's time for bed. Kathryn will then say "Mommy, what's my option? Am I going to bed or do I get to watch a show?" Um, what?
The comedian. She's learning about comedy and will say things that are obviously unrealistic to make herself and us laugh. The other day I walked into the classroom to pick her up and she was sitting a table with other kids and told them "When I was a baby, I ate boxes." She had the kids belly laughing over that joke. You have to admit, it's a good joke.
The manners police. She'll make sure no one talks with their mouth full of food (and she'll tell on you if you do). And she's become Earth conscience. She points out every piece of litter and comments that "the Earth doesn't like that".
I found this book recently and started it with Kathryn on August 1. Each day I ask the assigned question, Kathryn gives me the answer, I write it down and then on the same day the following year I'll ask the same question. It'll be interesting to see how she answers these questions at 4 and 5 years old.
Questions are fairly simple, some are a little more advanced, but it's fun listening to her responses so far. The questions are along the lines of: How do you feel when you're playing an instrument or painting a picture? Kathryn's response: "I feel good when I'm playing an instrument. I want a drum." or, Would you rather be camping or watching a movie? "Watching a movie because I like watching movies. And I want to go camping too because I want to do both."

The mischievous one. For example "gluing" flashcards to the bookcase with chapstick because it needed a picture on it. This corner is also what she refers to as her "clubhouse"or her "spaceship". She's not so much into causing trouble, but rather her style is to be sneaky.
She found the scissors. Luckily, she only took off a tiny bit.
The wild imagination. When I call the dogs into the house, she comes running and will tell me, "No, mommy, I'll call the dogs in. I can speak dog."I love the crazy things she comes up because her brain is always going and keeping us on our toes.
She has some loyal reoccurring characters in her life: there's "Marco" who's invisible (and a trouble maker), three baby dolls named: "Harry Potter", "Baby Austin" and "Evey" and her stuffed kitty, appropriately named "Kitty" (who must sleep with her every night).
Lego lover
Every trip to the grocery store requires a pass-by the "womp-sters."
Driving the truck in the driveway is like the best thing ever as a kid.
She's become a sucker for accessories and dressing up in "pretty dresses".
The energizer. She doesn't stop. From the moment she's up until she's down at night, she's constantly on the go - her body, her mind, her mouth - everything about her is always in motion. This is both exhausting to us but the most wonderful thing as well.
Slightly understated grocery story attire: heels, a dress and a new way to wear a necklace
She's such a kind little girl who I swear is well beyond her years. From the way she hugs me and gazes into my eyes to the things that she comes up with - it just seems like she's much more of an old soul mixed with a goofy three year old.


  1. I laughed the whole time and then made Markus stop what he was doing and read this. She is so cute and a riot to boot. You're doing a great job.

    1. Thanks, Lilly! That means so much! I'm so glad you (and Markus!!) checked out this post :). She's a crazy kiddo! Thinking of you!

  2. I think Kathryn has got to be the funniest and most well-behaved 3 year old EVER! Eating boxes? Where does she get this stuff?! Also, you need to tell Kathryn to remove 1 accessory before you leave the house... or 10 ;)
    BTW...I think Steven has the same picture of me drinking hot chocolate.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I can totally see you drinking hot chocolate, with stains all over your face in your lady bug costume ;). I'll try to give her the memo about accessories, but it's just not getting through to her.