Saturday, July 27, 2013

New England, Part 2

After our quick visit in Vermont, we made our way to New Hampshire for a week at Kim's family lake house. Lucky? I'd say so. I could really get to used to the lake life. It was such a treat that Kim was there for a day while we were there! There's no way that I can recap it all, but I think the following pictures will give you a good idea of our time at the lake.
Kathryn loves Kim, obviously ;)
Despite his really busy work schedule, Andy stuck around to spend some time with Kathryn. 
The love is mutual :).
We asked Kathryn if she wanted to try to jump off the dock within an hour of our arrival. Without any hesitation and much to our surprise, she went for it. She is quite the dare devil. Although when she popped back up from under the water she did tell us "I'm not doing that again."
This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the week. We were so proud of her!
We were in lake mode from the moment we got there. And it was glorious!
It's probably been about 10 years since I last waterskied. I gave it a try on the first day and was only up for about 5 seconds, but it was a start (more on that later). It was fitting though because this is the same lake I learned how to waterski with Kim as my teacher!
Sam always has a saying that he's using for the moment, and of course they're normally really bizarre. This week he had two; "the cat's pajamas" and "shredding the gnar". 
Here you can find him doing just that, shredding the gnar, slalom!
Little Captain (who prefers the boat going as fast as possible at all times).


Much needed Nana and Pop Pop time makes Kathryn a happy girl

I'm so bummed we missed it, but about 30 seconds before we arrived to meet my dad, he was getting off the paddle board and fell into the water, backwards! I would have love to have seen that.  
We only got to see him soaked :).
Sometimes the lake life is exhausting.
Taking extra special care of Kim's stuffed animals.

 I'll take this place. Please and thank you.

Kathryn and Uncle Sam are two peas in a pod (even if K is still talking about wanting to pull Uncle Sam's finger - the "trick" that he taught her. Oy vey). 
She's smitten with him.

The two of them are "the cat's pajamas"
When you're on vacation, you eat like you're on vacation. And that we did.
Telling Uncle Sam how it is.
Trying out her first donut

I'm *a little* obsessive when it comes to sprinkles. 
Also, my eyes were bigger than my stomach on this one.
I think I could eat crab cakes everyday.
On our last full day in New Hampshire E. J. had to head back home for work. That day I also thought I was 15 again. In one day I paddle boarded, jet skied, swam and was finally truly successful water skiing. We won't talk about how I could barely walk the following day.

Here's the proof! (and yes, that is Sam saying "enema" at the end of the video because I'm pretty sure I got a couple of them during my waterskiing adventures)
You know it's a a real vacation when you don't wear make up all week, completely forget about all your responsibilities and don't even recall having a job to go back to.

New Hampshire was great to us.


  1. We will have to have a conversation about so many things... the boat, freezing cold New England water, how pretty you look in red with turquoise accents and your hair in an adorable bun, Kathryn's 1st donut (?!?!), your precious family, etc. I can't wait to go on vacation with you next summer ;)

  2. Omg - Each photo is better and more heartwarming than the last. You have the most beautiful family, and I am so happy you got this time!

    1. I finally got around to setting up the threaded comments section! Just wanted to thank you for all of your sweet comments :)!

  3. I'm so happy you guys had a blast and enjoyed all of our favorite spots - it makes me so happy :)