Sunday, June 2, 2013


There are some things in life that you wish wouldn't happen but they happen all the time, you know, things like bills. Then there are those things that you wish you could have all the time, but they are far  too infrequent. One of those infrequency's are visits with my parents. Two thousand miles between us can be such a bummer.

But we took advantage of Kathryn's big third birthday with a fun visit together (and yes, that was a month ago). We had a great extra-long weekend together!
We visited a neat bed and breakfast for dinner on the first night.

On Kathryn's birthday, the three girls headed into town and we stopped at the children's museum to explore.

Followed by a delicious lunch together.
Per Kathryn's request, I made some homemade pizza for dinner and bought her a classic Carvel ice cream cake. (It was as tasty as I remember them being!) K loved it too!
Kathryn was seriously spoiled for her big day. Cute outfits, toys, games, books, oh and a pony. Yeah, a real life pony from the in-laws. Woah.
Day 2: Riding her pony some more. This is when she announced her pony's name: Doctor Pony. 
She's too much.
Of course, it wouldn't be Kathryn's birthday without celebrating my birthday. Just kidding. But we did go out one night to a fabulous dinner to celebrate my 30th, a little early.
I must be the luckiest daughter ever. Each time my parents come they go to work. Dad wants a project and mom cleans/organizes. This time we got our front porch re-stained and our curtains washed and starched/ironed. Translation: they're lifesavers.
What a difference. Thank you, dad!
Nana/Kathryn time :)
Counting down the days until our next visit.


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