Friday, June 28, 2013

Around Here...

...things have been busy. Same story for everyone, right? But, life is still going on and I'm just barely staying afloat. I think my experience the other morning kind of sums up how things have been lately. Warning: Ranting ahead!

Two miles out of the driveway, I got a flat tire on the way to a follow-up appointment for Kathryn to determine why she's had a cough for 10 months (yeah, 10 months). Oh, and did I mention the air conditioner in my 11 year old car is crapping out? In late June. In Texas. However, it works in the morning, but when it's 105 on my drive home it stops working. That's life for ya, right? It's just not right when you exit your car and look like you've just completed a hardcore workout only to find out that all you did was sit in a car for 40 minutes.

I lucked out though. By chance, E. J. had a training that morning and left the same time I did. So he turned his patrol car around in the opposite direction to pick us up and bring us back to the house so we could get his truck to drive into town while my car hung out on the side of the road until the tow truck came.

So my tire, not repairable and I had to get a new one. The air conditioner? The repair shop couldn't get it to NOT work. What the heck? Thankfully, nothing appears to be leaking. So one fairly inexpensive item was replaced and it's still working half of the time. Oh yeah, and I'm going to need new tires soon. I feel like I just got new tires last year (I found out I got them October 2011).

::End rant::

But life has a funny way of still going on, even if you not ready for it and reminding you that those bumps in the road aren't all that bad.

It has been nearly two weeks, but we celebrated Father's Day with a homemade dinner together (even if it was very brief - E. J. worked for most of the day).
I love you, dad :-)
Check out the pink "A". I turned around and K let me know that she took it upon herself to draw an "A". Smartypants.

At her three year appointment they confirmed that she's 3'3" and 35lb, both in the 90% for her age. After bringing up her cough for about the 100th time, the doctor thought it was possibly asthma. But at her follow-up appointment, he said it may be allergies. Rather than putting her through a slew of tests that would probably be trying on a three year old, she's trying out an allergy pill for now to see if that does the trick. To be continued. Otherwise, she's a perfectly healthy and thriving little girl.
Kathryn can be strong willed at times, but I really think she's been a breeze and thus far (knock on wood) and hasn't fit into the "terrible threes" category. In fact, I'm loving this age, especially some of the things she's been saying lately.

For example, I was putting on some under-eye cream the other night and she asked what I was doing. I told her, mommy didn't want to get too many wrinkles. "Oh, mommy! I don't want you to get old. I love you like this." Oh, Kathryn.

Or the other morning on the way to school, I gave her a cereal bar. She took one bite and said "Oh, I'm so disappointed mommy. There's no chocolate chips in this." She's definitely my daughter.

She knows her alphabet, surprises us with some Spanish every once in a while, can count to twenty (for the most part) knows the Pledge of Allegiance and loves puzzles (just a few of her talents). In fact, when it's clean up time, her teacher usually has her put all the puzzles away since she puts them together so quickly and helps the other kids out.
She's also really into rule following and letting us know how great she's doing at following the rules. "Look at who is listening, mommy." "Look who said please and thank you."
Celebrating Taylor's birthday in Houston!
Happy Weekend! So glad we're here.


  1. I laughed so many times reading this! What kind of mom are you to feed your child breakfast with NO chocolate chips? The mommy wars begin...;o)

  2. I think you need to actually change into workout clothes before you leave work... or a swimsuit. It might make you drive home less awful ;)

    Cars suck and I do not want to have to get a new one when I get back. Just the thought of it makes my stomach ulcer act up... oh yeah... I have self diagnosed myself with a stomach ulcer.

    I think Kathryn is a genius. My nephew is 6 and he just learned to write his name this past year... or maybe he is a little slow ;) But seriously, I think she is going to be such an amazing kid always! 4-C's... Cute (good genes), clever (already familiar with the alphabet), creative (2 pairs of sunglasses at the same time... wow), civil (following the rules is always good in my book.... I wish everyone honored a general code of conduct).

    And one last thing... should I be using under-eye cream? Geez... I really need to come to terms with the fact that I am aging. Ugh!