Monday, May 27, 2013

(Trying to) Stay Cool

It's every Texans worst spring or summer nightmare: your air conditioner breaks. Unfortunately, that has been our reality for the last few days. On Thursday night the A/C stopped working, naturally right before a holiday weekend.

We've had two companies come out to look at it. Both of them said we could repair it (parts need to be ordered and again, they weren't able to do it over the long weekend) but for just a little more (their definition of "little" is a bit different than mine) we may be better off getting a new outdoor unit.

So, we've been coping. K has been sleeping in our room since it's considerably cooler than hers, especially with our overhead fan on full speed.  We've been laying low for the most part, watching movies, being lazy and I even took a three hour nap yesterday (I may have passed out from the heat or just really needed the rest).
It's basically a rule that you must go out for froyo if your A/C is broken
Exploring our artistic side

We were finally able to spend some time outside yesterday evening, when it was cooler outside than in the house. It's been 91 everyday, so the house has been holding in the heat later in the day. I guess the insulation is working like it's supposed to.
E. J. and I had fun playing catch and kicking the ball around while K picked "beautiful flowers to make sure they were comfortable."
We should be back to a comfortable house later this week, but I don't think our wallets will be thanking us. Oh well, things could be worse. 
Hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend!


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