Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day was pretty low key around here. E. J. had to work, so Kathryn and I did a lot of nothing, which is an activity I greatly enjoy.

I used this picture two years ago, but couldn't resist posting it again. It's of my mom and me on Easter 1985 (I was almost 2) compared to K and me December 2012 (K was 2.5) . I'm so lucky to have the best mom and be a mom to the best girl. Happy Mother's Day, mom!
I'd say there's a resemblance. Luckily, my hair was spared the resemblance of my mom's. 
 Posing with her beautiful package to me. 
My lovely gifts from K: a mold of her hand and homemade lotion. Perfect! E. J. also added a gift certificate for a massage and a K-Cup organizer. I'd say it was a great day.
Naturally, we had to take some pictures to document the day. The outtakes: Apparently I 'hurt her pit' on the left-hand side picture. Oy vey.
 The girl who made me a mom.
Happy Mother's Day! I hope you had lovely one.

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  1. I love the dramatic facial expressions from Katie! Gives me something to look forward to in 3 years :)