Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Girl and Her Dog

E. J. likes having a dog in our yard to ward off predators. Not people predators, but the animal kind. When you live in the country, you never know what will find its way to your yard, especially in the middle of the night (I prefer not to even think about it).

With our current 'yard dog' nearing the end of her life, E. J.'s been on the lookout for a new puppy. When an acquaintance of ours was giving away free puppies after her dog accidentally got pregnant, he brought K with him to pick out a puppy of her own.

She chose the same dog (a lab mix) three times in a row, so we figured her mind was made up. Once we got home - after some serious pondering - she committed to a name for her dear puppy...
I have no idea how she came to this conclusion. She's never seen the movie Cinderella nor have we read her a book about Cinderella. But, Cinderella it is.
Although Cinderella will be permanently living outside, we let her come in a few times when she was extra tiny and these two were inseparable.
Welcome to our yard, Cinderella. I think this is a magical fairytale in the eyes of Kathryn.


  1. These are all the cutest pictures I've ever seen!! I can't even decide which one is my favorite. Do you guys not do princess movies or it is coincidental that she hasn't seen Cinderella?

  2. Came over from Lilly's blog... darling pictures... made my day!

  3. Oh My Golly Gee!!!! I love it. She is a girl after my own heart. And i love that she named the outside, guard dog Cinderella. It is very ferocious ;)

  4. Cinderella is a hilarious name for a dog. . . especially one that is a farm dog! love it. :)