Thursday, April 11, 2013

Too Fast

Life seems to be moving too fast lately and from what I can tell, there's nothing I can do about it. I can't say that things have ever been slow, but I specifically remember in November when I felt like everything was in super fast forward. Maybe it was because the holidays were approaching or maybe it was because I was starting to get comfortable in my new job (read: the work really started piling up) or maybe it's just because that's what life as a mom is like.  Whatever "it" may be, things haven't showed signs of slowing down.

For goodness' sakes, things are moving so fast that K is driving already.
In the midst of moving quickly, our life is still happening.

For Christmas, E. J. bought me a ticket to my first big blogging conference: Blissdom. I know what you're thinking, "Why would you go to that, Barbara. You're not really a 'blogger'?" I know, I know, but it was fun to step out of my comfort zone. I'm not going to do a wrap up of the conference (plus, it's not really relevant anymore since I went nearly a month ago!) other than tell you that I learned some things for my own blog and my day job, but I mostly enjoyed the little escape away from reality and just focusing on myself. I was also very lucky to have the best roommate possible, Lilly at Pancakes and Beet Juice. She's hysterical, really smart and just a pleasure to be around. She's also one of those people who you question if you're "cool" enough to be around - she's that great. I also met a number of other great women bloggers like Jane at The Borrowed Abode and Sean at Average Supermom (whose blog I enjoyed reading so much even before meeting her).

After returning home from Blissdom, it was back to reality in full force. After a day at work, I picked up Kathryn and we went grocery shopping before heading home. Towards the end of our shopping trip she told me her tummy was hurting. We made a trip to the bathroom. Nothing happened. As I was placing the groceries on the conveyor belt, I looked up just in time to see K spew vomit everywhere - on the grocery store floor, herself and even on some of the groceries. Thankfully, the cashier couldn't have been more patient or kind and made a stinky (literally) situation much less traumatic. It was actually her first time to throw up from being sick. Ah, memories in the making.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and E. J. came home with the great news that he was promoted at work. I'm so excited and proud of him - this is long overdue, in my opinion. It does come with a new schedule that isn't exactly family friendly (I'm essentially a married, single mom most of the time) but we're making it work.

And then Easter crept up on us.

  Just us girls on Easter while daddy was at work.
I can't say that we're any different than any family. Life is just busy. I just finished three really stressful weeks at work (hello? Seriously lack of blog posting) and although things aren't suddenly less busy, they're not as bad. On the bright side, we have lots of exciting things to look forward to in the coming weeks and months (visits with family and friends), which couldn't be at a more perfect time.


  1. I love those pink boots! :)

    Blissdom looked like so much fun and right here in my backyard. Maybe next year when I don't have a 2 week old I can go!

    My husband just got promoted, and we're going through something similar. I understand!

  2. Oh, your daughter is the cutest! Having a husband who works odd hours can be really hard. We juggle the same thing, and he works a lot of nights and weekends. It's frustrating, but I feel like it makes me closer to Ava because we have so much time together alone. I'm sure you'll find a silver lining and things will settle out soon. This promotion will just lead to even better things in the future.

    And sorry to hear she got sick at the store. At least you had an understanding employee to help you out! How awesome is that?