Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Heart

I'm still coming down off the high from having two of my favorite people visit us last week. Kim and Andy put up with a total cancellation of their flight to countless delays and topped it off with lost luggage (each piece of their luggage was lost and luckily got back to them safely over a day later). They arrived over 14 hours after they were supposed to, but we were so glad they finally made it.

I think Kim said it best that our visits are even more special now that we have growing families. Speaking of growing families, how great is this documentation three years in the making?
I can't wait to meet their little one due in September and neither can Kathryn. She kept asking Kim when her baby would hatch out.
We didn't do much as far as activities go, but we had a great time just spending time with each other.
What's a visit without a trip to get frozen yogurt? They're two peas in a pod.
One last goodbye before Kathryn went off to school for the day
(Somehow E. J. didn't make his way into any pictures. Oops!)
We're so lucky that Kim and Andy made their way down to Texas to visit us and can't wait to see them again in a few months. Visits from our favorite people are great for the soul.

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  1. I realized there were no pictures of EJ either...whoops! But on a side note, I think I should bring up the 'hatching' concept to my doctor this month, Miss K may be on to something....