Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Warriors?

I use the term "weekend warriors" loosely because I don't think we're at that status just yet, but this weekend and last we've been creeping into our own version of weekend warriors. I've been stepping out of my comfort zone even more and taking these weekend warrior projects...outdoors. GASP! If you were to describe me, I don't think the word "outdoorsy" would ever come up, but I'm okay with stepping outside of my comfort zone, occasionally.

For example, our yard has been bugging me lately. I decided to implement a "Yard Day" initiative since it was getting to be too cluttered for my taste. Oddly enough, the spruce-up ended up being pretty fun and productive.
Each of us had our own ways of "helping"
See the pile of crap that E. J.'s hauling off? Pure happiness.
On a side note, Kathryn and I also made a trip into town that same day for her first haircut (really just a trim, but we made sure it was documented).
With "Yard Day" behind us, Kathryn and I took on part two: landscaping. E. J. worked this weekend, so it was just us girls taking on the landscaping around the front porch.

The poor porch needs some personality and filling around it. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this stuff, so I'm learning as I go.
My helper
 Some before and after. Eight shrubs planted and four more to go.
We did it!
The part you can't see? Me, hobbling around thanks to some really sore arms and legs. But on a great note, we were able to get some major quality time outside while the weather was beautiful (and tolerable...unfortunately, summer will be here before we know it).
I think we're slowly earning our weekend warrior wings.


  1. Aw, your daughter is so cute! I realized I didn't get to ask you exactly how you ended up in Texas while we were at Blissdom - so I'm glad you included it in the "about." :) I think it's insanely awesome that you live on a real farm. So glad I met you!

  2. Such a sweet captured day! Enjoy them. They go so fast.