Monday, January 21, 2013


It's no secret that having a child means constant shifts and changes in your life. With Kathryn closer to a three year old than a than two year old, those changes are certainly in full effect.

The biggest shift is the potty training adventure (I guess you could call it an adventure?). After months upon months of K being more than capable of going on the potty, there has been a huge shift in the past week and a half.

It's been over a month that K has been consistently going on the potty at home and then less than two weeks ago we got the great news that she FINALLY went at school after being afraid for months. Woah. Big news in our house.

In the last week she's been progressing like crazy. From no longer using her training toilet and insisting on using the grown up one (with the help of a training seat on the toilet) to wearing her big girl undies this weekend with no accidents. Tomorrow is a big day for her as she'll wear her undies to school for the first time (with a couple changes of clothes, just in case).

Although temporary, another shift in our house is quite literally E. J.'s work shift. He's back to the day shift, which means his 12 hour days fit more in the "normal" business hours, allowing us to have dinner together and we are awake / sleeping during the same hours. 

It's 100 times better being able to eat dinner together, have daddy around for story time before bed and having my husband around in general. It gets old really fast having completely opposite schedules.

We've had good shifts in our house lately, really good. With that, I leave you with a look inside the last two weeks.
I have a confession: I'm the mother of a hoarder
 Her latest obsession - police cars. Getting to sit in daddy's police car = highlight of her week
 No nap means you fall asleep while eating dinner
 Hat day at school
Dressing up has become a thing lately. It's amazing how she decided to do this on our own without me suggesting it. It's just built in her little girl nature.
 She adores being outside
 Moments before I got an unwanted, cold shower. I should have known better. Anything for a cool picture, right?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Cozy Weekend

Friday was a particularly rainy, chilly (well, chilly by Texas standards - only in the 40s today) and gloomy day, which can only mean one thing: it was my favorite kind of day. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I love the days that tend to be the least favorite days of others, as far as the weather goes. Besides the ideal whether conditions, Friday also started the weekend of Kathryn one-liners that I needed to write down.
Before we left the house to start our Friday, Kathryn told me "Mommy, I love you more than hugs and chocolate". She loves those two items very much so that put a huge smile on my face and my heart.

And then they just got better the rest of the weekend..
"Stop. Take a deep breath and relax. That's how you be a star, Mommy."
"I'm going to space, Mommy. I won't be long."
"Sometimes, I think I'm a genius." (after deciding her baby needed a Band-Aid).
Me: "What would you like for breakfast?" K:"It's a simple decision. I want a cereal bar".

She kills me.

It was E. J.'s weekend to work, so Kathryn and I stayed at home the entire weekend and only went outside a couple of times to play. Otherwise, we stayed cozy inside the house. There was a lot of movie watching, staying in our jammies (all day), playing and cooking.
Mulled cider and freshly made chocolate chip cookies
 My bow tie shrimp scampi
Earlier this week, I saw The Pioneer Woman's recipe for Perfect Potato Soup, but as I started making it a decided to change it up a good bit. I packed it full of veggies (and topped it with a little cheese and bacon for good measure) and turned it into Potato Chowder. E. J. was a little skeptical at first, but after he took a bite he told me it tasted like Thanksgiving and was impressed with my creation or rather, recreation? Anyway, it's a keeper!
My least favorite line of the weekend was Kathryn's response to my question from today "What do you think we should do today, little Bug?" "We should clean, Mommy". Despite my displeasure, I did some cleaning too.
And now it's time for me to call it a night and rest up for a full week back at work.