Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Project 52: Week 28

Whew! I am BE. HIND. in the blogging department. Lately, after Kathryn falls asleep I try to sneak in some work to be relatively caught up for next day at work and then crash into my bed like nobody's business.

This weekend I was able to sneak in a quick Project 52. We haven't been watching much TV in our living room, mainly because over a year ago our flat screen broke and we haven't replaced it yet. However, we've borrowing my MIL's TV. It's an older box TV and although it's nice that we haven't had to buy one, I'm not a fan of watching TV in the living room with that TV - I'd prefer our bedroom...even though you're not 'supposed' to have one in there. Oh well.

Our entertainment stand has been severely neglected since we're not using that area much, so I went through, (did some major dusting) and weeding out and suddenly it became much more presentable!


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