Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days: Day 4 - Our Drive

Each (workday) morning, Kathryn and I load up our stuff and head "into town". When you live in the country, going "into town" becomes a 'thing'. We happen to do that 'thing' five days a week (although sometimes Kathryn stays at my MIL's house one day a week).

During this time of year, as the sun is really starting to light the sky, we're normally pulling out at 6:55 a.m.
For about 90% of the drive, we're traveling at 70 mph on the highway. And for about 90% of the time, our drive looks like this:
Kathryn usually makes a point to tell me about the oil she sees, the big trucks that pass us. and the stinky things she smells like the chicken farm we pass or the "cow poop". 

We talk a lot in the car. Our commute to her school is around 35-40 minutes and quite frankly, some of the best quality time we get during the work week. It's just her and me. No distractions. We listen to the radio, she does some crazy dancing (which I'm not allowed to do according to her), she sings (which I'm also not allowed to do as per her orders) and I do a lot of listening.

On our way to school we talk about the great day she's going to have. We talk about what we're going to do when we get home and what we'll have for dinner. On our way home, she tells me about her day, but only minimally. She basically tells me the same rehearsed thing everyday in this particular tone that screams "stop asking these annoying questions". She's already 15.

This afternoon she told me to "turn off the music, I must read my magazine" (which is actually an instruction manual she found in the house and took with her this morning). So I obliged and she began reading. A few moments later she looked up and said "ok, I'm done reading now. You can turn the songs on". Who is this girl?
 Headed home from a day at school
Somedays I wish we just lived around the corner from where I work so we could be home in no time. It does take a lot of extra time and planning living a little ways from 'the big city'. But when you have the best company you could ask for, the ride really isn't so bad after all.


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