Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days: Day 6 - People Watching

There are things that I wish I could do every weekend:  Enjoy a drink from Starbucks, get a manicure (I think the last one I got was 3-4 years ago), and do absolutely nothing around the house because it's already clean from top to bottom. I have a laundry list (which doesn't include laundry) of ideal weekend activities.

I suppose I also have a list of things that I could live without doing, one of which includes going to the Renaissance Festival. Which is just what we did today. I'm not the biggest fan, but it is fun to see the people who really get into it and bring it to a whole level that I still do not completely comprehend.
Let's just say, it attracts some characters....
And no, this guy wasn't wearing anything under his loincloth. Also, it's important to note that this picture doesn't do the it justice. Everywhere you turn, you are more shocked than before of the next 'costume', if you will.

We sat down for lunch at the perfect time and location because an Irish group starting playing. Bagpipes and drums really speak to this girl.
 Mesmerized by the Irish step dancers
We brought Kathryn to the kid's section and of all the activities, she saw the massive swings and made up her mind that this was the activity for her.  I thought she'd chicken out once we got on, but I cannot even tell you how much she had on this -- laughing the entire time.
Best overpriced 10 bucks spent all weekend 

I may not be the biggest fan of the Renaissance Festival (and honestly, is the Renaissance really worth re-living every year?) but it was definitely a family-fun kind of day.


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