Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days: Day 5 - Our Friday Night

Friday nights have changed in our house recently. Along with E. J.'s new job came a new work schedule, meaning he's off every other weekend. The new schedule changes the mood of the weekend.

I'm a working-for-the-weekend kinda gal, but now it's every other weekend that I'm really excited about -- when we're all together. Don't get me wrong, I still love my weekends, but they're not quite the same when it's just Kathryn and me around the house.

This weekend is one of those special ones when we're all home. So we decided to go out to dinner and enjoy the glorious-ness that is a Friday Night. Growing up, I remember going out to eat as a special treat. It wasn't something we did often and the same goes for us now.

Delivery isn't an option for us because well, no one delivers where we live. Take-out doesn't work that well because if I were to pick something up on my way home, it sits in the car for my 40 minute drive, and there aren't many foods that still taste great after 40 minutes in a car.

Since we don't live in a highly populated area there are some mom-and-pop places here and there, but to say they're 'decent' might be giving them too much credit. However, just recently a new BBQ restaurant opened up down the road from us (only 6 miles, that's nothing!). We have been twice and I actually look forward to going back (seriously, that's say a lot based on our options). It's clean, simple, and the food is really delicious.

Once I got home, we loaded into E. J.'s truck and headed down the road. To outsiders, eating at a little BBQ restaurant in the country might not seem like that big of deal, and it might not be. But I sure do appreciate the time together. Talking about our day, the plans for our weekend, and just enjoying a meal together (that we didn't have to cook or clean up after).

The end of Friday was topped off with a triple threat of treats for Kathryn: Hanging out in our bed, eating ice cream and watching (Curious) "George".
*A Happy Friday, it was!*


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